You not only have to build a website, what you really have to do is to build a website that converts. If you are a doctor or a medical practitioner, here are a few tips with which you can optimize your website thus establishing industry relationship.

1. Responsive design

With the increasing number of people resorting to mobile phones for everyday browsing, you should make sure that your website should be optimized for viewing on any device. Having a responsive design enables you to maximize your customer reach.

2. Get social

In a world of technology and communication, it is very important for you to have an online presence. You must build an active presence on various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with your patients by telling them what and how any new treatments are working wonders. Your website should also contain the icons of these social media links so that you can redirect visitors to your dental social media pages.

3. Consider a patient portal

When everything from movies, to travel to food can be booked online, don’t you think that the customers would love if their doctor’s appointment could also be done online! Keeping in mind the patients point of view, try to incorporate a patient’s engagement portal on your website.

4. Keep it visual 

Rather than focussing on the content, one should lay focus on the visual aspects of the website. Various researches have revealed that video succeeds in getting the attention of viewers more than the normal text. So one should use high-quality images and videos on their homepage to increase user engagement.

5. Establish consistent branding 

One should maintain consistency while branding their products or services. They should make sure that the same company logo is being circulated on different social media platforms as the face of the company. This is done to make sure that the logo is easily recognizable with its color, design, and pattern. Notice the logo design in our logo. It is very distinctive, simple, yet has a detailed maze weaved inside of it.

6. Online patient library

To add some creativity to your web design, you can also dedicate a space for a patient library on your website. Wherein the patient could find the solutions of day to day diseases like common cold, headache and fever. You can also share some expert tips with patients on steps proper brushing, flossing, etc…

7. Procedure details 

As doctors, you can also educate patients about certain treatments and procedures. This will help them to attain knowledge and trust you (the doctor) even more. This will also increase the engagement on your website, thus helping you in building your brand.

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