With a trend of social media, one can use the various platforms for advertising their brand.Using Snapchat will not only help you reach multiple demographics but it is a great way to connect with the future as well. Thinking how social media can be used to promote a dental practice? Don’t worry we have figured out some amazing ways with which you can attract prospective patients to your dental clinic. Here’s how:

1. Using Snap chat Geo filters

The Geo filters available with Snap chat is of two types personal and business. But since your objective will be to promote your brand you should opt for a business geo filter. Even if you are a new user do not worry using geo filter is an extremely easy task.

2. Snap, snap and Snap

Parents posting the snap of their children in your chair, or teens snapping before and after pics. Not only the youth, these days adults have also become selfie-savvy. All these opportunities can be very well used by the dental practitioner to attract more and more customers.

3. Design your own filter

Snap chat gives you a great option of designing your own filter, with which you can get your logo or practice name out there. Doing this will help you reach a new audience and bring awareness to your dental practice.

4. Do give a behind the scenes look

From a quick story of your staff to some interesting x rays or information about some new dental product can be shared. All this will keep the patients intrigued as here they get to see stuff which is typically not known to them.

5. Keep your posts short and interesting stories

Updating your Snap chat story regularly is the key. There are millions of users on Snap chats, you can easily tap them by updating some short and interesting stories about your dental work. Just make sure that your story is simple and effective.

6. Make use of the map feature 

When more and more stories will be posted from the location of your clinic, Snap chat will start showing a ‘blue spot’ around that area. This will slowly increase in proportion to the number of stories added, thus attracting the nearby customers by creating curiosity as to whats the buzz about.
These are few ways with which your dental practice can also enjoy the rewards of Snap chat marketing. What are you waiting for, time and opportunity waits for none. With ever growing users of Snap chat, make your business a success by using this amazing social media platform.

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