Project Description

Friend with a

Borrow Gear for your Next Adventure

The Brief

Friend With A is a fully insured, peer to peer rental marketplace, for Onewheels, electric skateboards, and extreme sports, based out of Seattle, WA. Some people say we are like AirBnB, but for extreme sports..

People everywhere are looking to try out new adventures, from the Onewheel, electric skateboards, to snowboarding and photography, but either can’t afford it, or they want to try it before they buy it. At FriendWithA, we want to connect people with a safe, and trustworthy environment, in order to list and rent items with each other.

Strategy & Design

Our strategy was to create a dynamic and visually engaging presentation rich in content which would encourage the users to connect with the brand. Next, we focused on a tidy grid layout which would add to the website’s immersion factor while providing useful information to the customers, like the services of the salon, in an interesting manner. 

  • Interactive experience
  • Enhancing Visual Imagery
  • Consistently styled content modules
Web Design


Check out the Friendwitha website by clicking on the image.

Late one evening the founder Stefan Cordova was talking with a few of his friends. One friend said, “Man! Summer is coming up fast, I wish I had a friend with a boat!”. Two other times Stefan recalled hearing someone say, “I wish I had a friend with a boat”. It was that eureka moment when Stefan thought, yes! This is what the world has been waiting for, a boat sharing company! Thus, the idea of “Boaties” came to life!
Well during the time when Boaties came to life, Stefan and his wife were house sitting. Well the neighborhood they moved into had a cool little co-op amongst the neighbors. Everything was shared. It was a common sight to see someone driving the riding lawn mower down the neighborhood. This started the gears turning that maybe there was more than just Boaties.
After a few more conversations, he realized, wait, I’ve heard that saying before. On Facebook, “Does anyone have a friend with a truck?”, at his mom’s, “I wish I had a friend with a lawnmower” until finally, “Why isn’t there a place to rent and borrow anything?” Thus, Boaties pivoted to FriendWithA…

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