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Project Description

Bruchelle’s Bagel Bistro

A surprising twist to your traditional bagel shop

The Brief

Bruchelles Bagel Bistro is a small restaurant located in Covington / Kent, WA. 40 minutes away from Seattle, WA.

Bruchelles is a surprising twist to your traditional bagel shop. Bruchelles serves delicious food, refreshing cocktails, with a relaxing atmosphere. They wanted a website design which would reflect their style and values.

  • Web Design Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Progressive Web App

Strategy & Design

Digitegy was tasked with creating a website that looked good on any screen (iPhone, iPad, Laptop, etc..), matched their design, and also came with additional functionality such as the ability to order online.

Digitegy also was tasked with creating a Progressive Web App to increase the user experience and provide a mobile application.

  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Content Marketing
  • Improve User Experience
Web Design

The Final Treat

The final website look of Bruchelle's Bagel Bistro

Check out Bruchelle’s website by clicking on the image.

They did everything from start to finish. They met with us to discuss our thoughts and opinions. We talked about our goals for the website, and what information we needed to have on there (i.e., the menu). In terms of colors and layout, they asked us to check out other websites to see what we liked. They also sent over some examples of sites they created.
After the launch, they suggested adding the option to make the site a mobile application. There will be a link on the homepage that gives visitors the option to download the site as an app on their phone. They’re also helping us come up with strategies for how to drive more traffic to the site.

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