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Project Description

Adbhut Jewels

A premiere jewelry website
Jewelry by Adbhut Jewels

The Brief

Adbhut Jewels is an exquisite jewellery store located in Johri Bazaar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Reinventing the entire digital experience of an exquisite jewellery brand isn’t a task to be taken lightly. Ms. Bela Badhalia – Director and Head of Designing in Adbhut Jewels needed a high-end website to match with her luxury jewellery products. She wanted the new website to reflect their brand and showcase their amazing catalogue.

Strategy & Design

For Adbhut our aim was to focus on creating an individual product page that would engage users with carefully curated, high-quality images and easy to access key information and specifications. It was important that for every item in their collection to make a statement thereby retaining the immersive nature of the catalog.

  • Clutter-free display
  • Future-ready Infrastructure
  • High-quality visual impact
Web Design

The Ultimate Aura

The final website look of Adbhut Jewels

Check out Adbhut Jewels’ website by clicking on the image.

The new website establishes the standard of a new ADBHUT experience and encourages a more efficient display of the company’s products. With a highly considerate design that evolved through the entire brand, the new optimized user experience immensely lured the visitors.

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