When we think about redesigning our websites, often more than not, we forget to take notice of the smaller things, which later tend to create problems for us. So, before you think about redesigning your dental website, please go through the list below, which may save you from a lot of headache down the road.

1. Not thinking about the SEO from the start:

One of the most common mistakes which is seen amongst many re-designers, is that they forget to take account for SEO from the very beginning of the process. Focusing too much on the aesthetics of the website, only to forget about the one main thing, which would actually help the prospective patients locate their dental website.

2. Failing to identify commonly searched keywords

In an era of SEO, it is a sin not to know the most important key word searches in Google. But that doesn’t mean that you can stuff your content with awkward dental keywords (Ex. Prophylaxis, Maxilla, etc.). There is a severe punishment if Google finds out that you have stuffed keywords into your content just for the purpose of achieving a higher rank on Google.

3. Not using responsive design:

It is very important to have a responsive design for all your mobile optimized websites. It is a great option to deliver the best browsing experience, regardless of the device. Making your dental website using responsive design can help you increase the number of clients, as well as improve the SEO, as everyone these days prefers browsing on their smartphones rather than computers or laptops, even Google!

4. Forgetting to add analytics tracking to your site

If you are not using analytics software, how will you be able to benchmark your redesigned dental website against your old website? Without using analytics tracking or conversion code, it will be very difficult for you to track the success of a newly designed website. The data provided by the software helps you make informed business decisions about what is working and what is not.

5. Forgetting to unlock search engines

Many times, it is seen that while redesigning a website, people tend to block the search engines to prohibit peaking under the hood, until their website is completed. But, at the time of the launch, they forget to unblock the search engines. As a result, the website is not visible on the Google search results. So, make sure to turn it on before pressing the launch button!
So, with this coming to an end, we hope that you learned about some mistakes which people tend to make while redesigning their websites. Avoiding these little mistakes can save you with a lot of work in the future!

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