Every now and then, your website needs to be refreshed. Redesigning your website is a great way to get more patients. It can help rebrand and transform the existing image into something big and beautiful. A redesign can be a huge success; if you follow this 6-step checklist:

1. Determine your goals:

Before beginning, have a clear purpose in mind. Whether you want to increase the number of patients, increase awareness on dental health, increase responsiveness of your website, so a patient on any device can have a seamless viewing experience, or you just simply want to increase the current SEO ranking. Once you have your goal in mind and documented, it will be easier to achieve your desired results.

2. Analyze your competition:

There is an old saying, keep your friends close, and your enemies’ closer. Well, this also translates into business. You should always keep a close eye on the competition, so you can stay one step ahead. This will encourage you to deliver better results than your competitor, and always strive to be the best. A healthy competition also indirectly benefits your customers, where both parties compete to be the best, hence providing better service to the patient.

3. Speak to your patients through your website:

Always remember who you are making the website for, it is not for you, it is not about you. The aim of your website is for it to speak to the prospective customers ex. the patients. Identify the patients’ needs, their concerns, and then develop behavior based profiles of different patients’ personas to get the desired results.

4. Optimization: 

Search engine optimization is a major key in getting found online by prospective patients. Therefore, it is very important to SEO proof your website while carrying out the process of your redesign.

5. Identify Calls-to- Action: 

Calls to action are elements that are capable of driving visitors on your website. These elements should never be static, they should always prompt the visitors to do something further engaging them into your brand. For example, do you ever run teeth cleaning or other monthly specials? Maybe you publish articles on the latest dental health trends. Or simply reminding patients via text message, that it has been 6 months since their last visit, and it is time to get their teeth cleaned. These call to actions can keep customers engaged and coming back to your website and most importantly, your dental office regularly. 

6. Create strategic content:

Have a content strategy to drive additional content to your website over time. The strategy can include resorting to blogs, maintaining a Facebook site, or even email marketing. Also consider hiring a third party to give your content a fresher and newer perspective.
This six-step checklist will definitely prove fruitful if you are planning to redesign your website. Follow these steps to get the best outcomes for your redesign project. If you are looking for a trusted digital strategy company to help with the redesign process, we (Digitegy) can help you achieve your desired results.

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